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Kristen is an Interactive Application Developer and Strategist based in the Washington, D.C., metro area. With experience ranging from museum touch screens to Kinect gesture-driven experiences at major sporting events to mobile (and tablet) applications, her skills span the gauntlet of development and constantly expose her to new technologies and exciting opportunities.

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Kristen is from Baton Rouge, La., the home of the LSU Tigers. She graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2005 with a degree in Journalism – Visual Communications and minors in Chemistry and Biology.

Kristen first ventured into design and development by building a few web sites while in school. After playing with HTML and tools like Flash, she changed her major from Chemistry/Pre-Med and completed a program focused on multimedia storytelling in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Kristen now develops touch and gesture interactives as well as mobile applications and a few web projects. Currently, she is leading development of the Fly Delta iPad application with AKQA and contributing to ongoing development of the Fly Delta iPhone app. Her previous experience with Brightline Interactive exposed her to working on experiential campaigns including Sports Illustrated’s Heisman Tour, AT&T at the Final Four, Pepsi Max at the Super Bowl, the AUSA Annual Convention and a traveling activation for 5hour Energy. She draws on previous experiences working with leading digital/technology groups such as USA Today, Discovery Communications and the Newseum.

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Kristen’s biggest strength is in the ability to understand the technical needs of a project and see the experience through the eyes of users and designers, thus enhancing the user experience and the architecture of the platform. She brings fresh ideas to concept and strategy that integrate new and innovative ideas and technology. In addition, Kristen has played a key role in developing code libraries, templates and base level project frameworks, which she maintains and utilizes to increase efficiency in her work and also make her applications more scalable.

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Kristen’s personal interests lie in constantly moving. When not working, tinkering with side projects or consulting about technology, Kristen finds release in climbing, yoga, biking, running, hiking and team sports. She is an active member of a local climbing gym where she also works with the FFX program (similar to crossfit) by maintaining a web site with new workouts and exercises as well as photos and more. In addition, she coaches the softball and volleyball alumni co-ed sports teams for her alma mater in the local leagues.

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Kristen has about 10 years of experience employing the necessary technologies for creating unique interactive experiences. These skills focus an a range of technologies and languages fit for any platform.
iOS (Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, many libraries like Autocoding, AFNetworking, etc)
Back End Integration and Databases (sql, php, nodejs and others)