Better, Faster, Stronger – My love for Crossfit

What makes you tick? Is it adventure? challenge?

I get my thrills here and there from a variety of things, but one of my – at least – weekly explorations has been the FFX class at Sportrock.

Recently, the FFX Coach, Jason Montecalvo, posted a blog post about the course and I had to follow up with it. Check out Jason’s post here.

Let’s say around February, 2010, I started joining the FFX class every Wednesday. I cannot speak enough to how much I have grown to love it. Like the instructor Jason Montecalvo, I’ve been pretty fit most of my life. I did gymnastics as a young kid, then played team sports, playing Varsity Volleyball, Basketball and Softball throughout High School. I even kept it up with a plethora of club and intramurals in college. Unfortunately, I’m approaching that “30-mark” and I’ve gone through a series of attempts to stay fit:

About two and a half years ago I discovered climbing (thanks to a few strong boys). I picked it and the addiction up almost instantly (but that is a different story for another day).  I wanted to keep climbing harder… which meant I had to get stronger… I mean, I needed to reach a point where I could do a pull-up. In my whole life I had never done a single pull-up. But just climbing wasn’t enough… I needed more.

I’ve always been the type to love a good rush. Call it masochistic if you want. There is just about nothing I won’t try… once.

So, I showed up for the FFX class. You can show up as a beginner and have a great time and get a good workout. All the workouts are scalable… meaning that there are modifications (just like Yoga) that allow you to do the workload at your own ability.

Since I’ve been doing crossfit, I’ve noticed the difference…

Strength-wise, my climbing has improved drastically as I’ve been able to build the arm strength I never had. I finally got that pull-up under wraps. In fact, I can do 5 straight … and I’ve maxed out around 30 if I kip them. That’s the dynamic part of it… but I’ve also improved my static strength in the process – building up core, lock off and leg strength.

Attitude-wise, I was always the hard-headed type… but now I have that determination that seems harder to keep as you get a bit older.

And esteem-wise, I feel amazing. I feel healthy and fit. I leave the gym on Wednesday nights feeling like I can tackle the world.

So, for the girls out there:

1. You won’t get skinny

2. You won’t get big

3. You WILL get FIT

That’s the thing about crossfit… you aren’t gonna get stick skinny (who really likes that anyway?), BUT you aren’t going to get huge scary muscles like a body builder. Crossfit integrates lots of different elements into the workout so that you strengthen, tone and get in the cardio we all need. Additionally, it varies the workout constantly so you don’t get bored and it’s always a challenge – it’s like shock therapy for your muscles…

I still don’t have a “beach body” like an SI Swimsuit Model, but I feel amazing, and – IMHO – I look pretty dadgum good, too! (What do you think? That’s me in the picture!)

To me, being fit, healthy and strong are all states of both the mind and body. The combination is feeling confident with yourself…and being able to take on the challenges you face. It means pushing yourself to your limits and giving it your all and knowing you will come out on top. It’s not about being THE biggest, fastest or strongest… but it is about being YOUR BEST. That’s what I love about crossfit… my competition is me. Bring it and you’ll get it.

So, here’s the fine line… as a girl… if you want the perfect beach body it means eating less and running more. That isn’t fit to me. I love food. I love good beer. I love enjoying my life. That is why I love crossfit. It’s about me. Yes I want to look good in my bikini, but first I have to make sure I am fit and healthy in my mind. Without that confidence, I’ll never look good.

Want to know more… or get the motivation? These girls aren’t supermodel skinny, but they look pretty dadgum hot to me:


Come out and join us one Wednesday… you won’t regret it. But then I dare you, come back again! It takes a few rounds to get into the swing of it… and trust me… by then… you’ll be hooked…