A time for transformation

It’s Cherry Blossom time in DC! This is a time of transformation for the city as it comes back to life after the gray days of winter. As such, I feel it’s time for a personal transformation. The things I am passionate about are often unshared and I’d like to share them (mainly with myself).

The goal of my documentation is to give me a place to log my experiences and adventures. I have plenty of them and they seem to be one of the major factors of my life that keeps me going – rock climbing, hiking, traveling, taking pictures and whatever else I can think up!

Last year I made a couple of amazing trips.

I visited Alaska for the first time, visiting a good friend and had a blast exploring everything from fresh salmon to ziplining to glaciers. Sadly, my computer was stolen earlier this year and most of my photos never got uploaded so here’s a glimpse…


I also went on a climbing trip out west, making stops at Red Rocks outside Las Vegas, Joshua Tree and Bishop.


This year, I’ve made a nice trip out to Snowshoe, WV with friends for some solid east coast snowboarding (read: ICY!) and a nice relaxing visit to Mexico’s Maya Riviera. My goals include traveling at least once more this year, possibly to France and hopefully withint the United States to one of the fantastic National Parks (more on those later).

Additionally, I’d like to document and share my daily experiences – the things I love about life itself: hellish crossfit workouts, flag football games, girls days at the climbing gym and more.

Welcome to my life… try to keep up!